Onaway United Methodist
Saturday, June 23, 2018
A church with Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Pastor's Letter

I am proud to be a United Methodist pastor and as a United Methodist pastor my husband and I have committed to the life of an itinerant pastor. But in truth - no pastor, in any denomination, is anything but that. The Lord calls each pastor (either through a bishop or a church vote) and we go where he sends until he calls us to the next place of ministry; which is part of the joy - to live for him knowing that we are not the church but that we get to a play a small part in its ministry. AND THAT THE MINISTRY OF THE CHURCH WILL CONTINUE AFTER WE ARE GONE.
I am proud to be United Methodist. Yes, we are a messy people - a people in need of continued transformation; but, we are a people who realize that and struggle with it. I think that is fitting as change (transformation is hard). Struggle on!! Seek to look more like God and less like you! Don't compromise. Don't hesitate. Embrace the cross. Dance with JOY. Continue on!
In March of 2014 I began praying for the people of Onaway and Millersburg United Methodist Churches. When I came here I made you the same two promises that I made to the Lord - to love you and to preach the Word. Today, as my time is coming to a close as your pastor I will make you a third - to continue to pray for you, all of my days.
Till we meet again, either here on earth or gathered around the Lord's table in heaven, may the Lord protect you from the evil one and use you for his glory.
Cha pisa la chow! (I'll be seeing you!)
Your friends always,
Carmen, Todd, and Caesar